Why Aren’t Brands Coming Back to Influencers?

Are you a social media creator who is just getting started and wants to attract first paid ads? Or are you already collaborating with brands giving their products more visibility on your page? In any case, this post is for you! Sometimes, things can go wrong and the advertising doesn’t pay off for your client or personally for you, so new interactions are no longer on the table.

What can be done to make the relationship with advertisers thrive? We ask this question to Ilona Rahmanova, owner of the marketing influencer company, The Agency, and head of the international influencer marketing department at Skyeng, an Edtech company specializing in online English courses for children and adults.

So, not to waste a second of your precious time, here are Ilona’s tips on how to make brands happy and consolidate your good reputation on the market:

1 Did you know you could write to brands that you like yourself? Many social media creators actually don’t, so they just accept collaborations coming from businesses, even if there is no perfect match between the two. In these cases, the advertising is not only less effective but could hurt both parts, as the product could be represented in the wrong way and to the wrong audience. To avoid this, I suggest you reach out to the brands you really care about and know your followers are too. This way, you could convey its real value to your fans and feel excited about this yourself.

2Being vague could hurt the final result. In my experience, many influencers don’t know what exactly they could offer to a client and how much it would cost. You can show brands how serious your approach is by creating a list of all your services and formats available. Knowing your audience better than anyone else you could also propose some ideas, so your partners will see that you take this collaboration seriously and are eager to bring results.

3 Since we mentioned the results… Of course, it’s difficult to predict the exact outcome but it’s always useful to describe a possible impact your interaction could have on a brand’s sales. It will show the clients that you take their business seriously and are responsible for your work.

4 Social media creators don’t always know what exactly a brand is doing, how different its product is from those of the competitors. So, my advice is to always learn as much as you can about future collaborations, in order to be able to offer a really working scenario.

5 If you are already working or would like to work with an agency, make sure they are going to propose your profile only to relevant businesses. In this way, you won’t give your followers something they are not interested in and avoid putting at risk your reputation. Even if you lean on an agent, it’s always better to be involved in the process, so your advertising approach would be more personal and effective.

6 One happy client can recommend you to others. Don’t undervalue any of your collaborations because some of the brands you worked with could speak highly of you to something else. So, when your job is done well you have all the chances to get contacted by another company with an interesting proposal.

In conclusion, let’s see how much money you could make thanks to paid ads. For example, in Europe brands usually don’t focus on the exact number of followers but the total coverage, or in other words, on how many people will actually see the advertising. Every 1000 views approximately cost $100 or more if we are talking about medium size bloggers, while when it comes to social media creators with over 1 million followers the prices usually go much higher. For example, mentioning a product in stories just once could bring to a blogger with a wide audience up to $10,000.