Spread Your Net!
7 Hot Tips to Start Using Today

Social media is not only a great way to get noticed and build a solid personal brand but also one of the most effective tools to create contacts. Whether you are an influencer, a marketing manager, or an entrepreneur, you’ll certainly need to expand your network. The more trusted links you have, the shorter your journey to achieve any goal will be.

That’s the professional mantra of Vita Nikonenko, a successful influencer marketing manager working on international projects. During her career, Vita learned how to approach even people her competitors always considered as impossible to get to. But as we know, there is nothing impossible if you find the right way to meet the target.

Vita shared with us some valuable advice on how to present yourself to your potential partners, earn their interest and gain trust to build long-lasting and fruitful relationships:

1 First of all, forget about ready-to-use presentation letter templates! Even if you change the name of the recipient any time you send an email, people will always be able to tell the difference between personal text and a generic one. So, I would always recommend an individual and creative approach even if it takes more time.

2 Always think about the people who will read your message. What do they need? How could you help them to solve their issue? Make them the main focus of your proposal, not yourself!

3 Can’t get to the person you would like to collaborate with? Not a problem! Think about other people who already worked with this expert and try to make first contact with them. Don’t know who these people might be? Try using Google and LinkedIn to come up with some names and reach out to these individuals. But don’t ask for help immediately. Nobody will appreciate it, trust me. First, try to make acquaintances and see how you could be useful to each other, and only then mention you would really like to get in touch with an expert your new link already worked with.

4 Looking for a way to start barter collaboration with an influencer? Sometimes it can be hard since bloggers’ managers are not particularly interested in this type of partnership since they don’t get their fee. What can be done in these cases? I, for instance, send small but nice gifts to make managers feel special. They are not used to receiving presents for themselves. All the good stuff usually goes to the influencers and not to their assistants, so if you change that, you will definitely set yourself apart from the others!

5 Want to work for a social media creator but don’t know where to start from? First of all, start learning all you can about his/her business, then find all the potential problems it might have and try offering a solution for free. In my own experience, it works out pretty well and shows the influencers you are eager to dedicate yourself to their project.

6 Trying to grab the attention of influencers with 500k + followers? Start tagging them in your stories on Instagram telling how they inspire you and that you’d be happy to create something meaningful together. Of course, this strategy works better if you already have a loyal audience yourself, even if it’s not so big.

7 No matter which of these strategies you are gonna use, always remember to be concise when writing to new people. They don’t know you yet so, first, you need to gain their attention with a brief eye-catching message. After all, as we know, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So make the best of your attempt!