You will learn how to work with the camera, frame and street light, learn how to process photos and present yourself on social networks. You will be able to create a photographer's portfolio correctly and find your first clients.
Street photography: an easy start in the profession
Works of students will be posted in Ashraful Arefins’s social media
Photographer is a very popular profession. A street photographer captures sincere emotions of people and wonderful moments of life. And for creativity in this genre, you only need a lively interest and a camera!
This course is for you if:
You want to start 
taking beautiful street pictures.
You want to learn 
how to work with a camera and light.
You want to learn 
about the profession of a photographer.
You want to start 
making money from photography.
After completing the course,
you will be able to:
work with camera, light and frame;
process photos correctly;
find your first customers and start earning.
What you will learn in the course:
How to start and how to work with camera
How to choose equipment for street photography
Street photography with a smartphone
How to work with frame
Working with light
Street light features
How to combine travel photography and street photography
How to edit images
How to find motivation and goals
Psychological, ethical aspects of the photographer’s work on the street
How to overcome your fears and start taking pictures
Features of street photography
How to present yourself in social media
How to create a portfolio
How to find your first clients and make money on photography
Media best award, Annual Art Exhibition, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka, 2013
Honorable mention, Fine Art: Conceptual category, International Photographer of the Year Photography Awards, 2015
Nominee, Conceptual category, Second Fine Art Photography Awards, 2016
Bronze winner, ‘Cinemagraph’ category at the Snackable Content Awards 2019
Honorable Mention in the 2020 edition of the International Photography Awards
Has bachelors degree in Graphic Design, 2014, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka
Fine Art Photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Expert: Ashraful Arefin
Ashraful was photographically born in 2013 when he started doing a 365 project, and completely fell in love with photography and found his true passion for it. Ashraful has been very much inspired by the simple little things and tries to portray his appreciations for the beauty of simple things through his works. In short, He works to capture beauty and emotion within his photographic frame by using colours and simple techniques.
Works of Ashraful Arefin
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Ashraful Arefin