Webinar by NotBasicBlonde
Be Bright, Be You, Be a Star!
April 6
12:30 pm (EST)/
9:30 am (PST)
In This Webinar You Will
  • Explore Your Greatest Opportunities
  • Identify Your Obstacles & Myths that Cause You to Stumble on the Path to Your Dreams
  • Realize What's Stopping You From Living Your Life to the Fullest
  • Learn About NotBasicBlonde's story: From an Immigrant to CEO, Successful Digital Creator, Author, and Celebrity Podcast Host
  • Get Tips and Motivation for Your Journey
  • Learn More About NotBasicBlonde's Exclusive Upcoming course, Its perks, and Value
  • Will Get an Exclusive Gift!
About NotBasicBlonde
Olyasha Novozhylova is the CEO and Founder of NotBasicBlonde brand, dedicated to inspiring young women to create an extraordinary style and embrace their individuality.

Model, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, AmazonLive Fashion Host, Fashion Editor, and Celebrity Podcast Host of NotBasicBlonde Podcast.

As the Founder and Host of NotBasicBlonde Podcast with over 4M downloads and celebrity guests, where no topic is off-limits, Olyasha provides millennials an ultimate guide on entrepreneurship, dating, marketing, self-development, astrology, spirituality, fashion, coaching, beauty, health & wellness.

Olyasha led an impressive 15-year career in fashion and runway in the US and overseas, as well as enjoying several acting roles.

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