5-Day Masterclass
by NotBasicBlonde
Be Bright, Be You, Be a Star!
In This Masterclass You'll Learn

Olyasha’s proven formula for finding your product-market fit.


Why attracting attention to your products is one of the best things you can do to grow.


How to turn your audience into loyal customers who will return to your product again and again.


The secret to keeping your customers + building customers' absolute trust in your product.

What we will cover
Day 1. Success 101
After Day 1: You will able to identify your fears, will create step by step guide that will help you to move in a right direction.
Day 2. Top 5 Boss Babe Essentials
After Day 2: You will get all the tools on how to stay organized, lots of info on how to stay motivated, find answers to your questions, & learn new things.
Day 3. Five Great Social Media Growth Hacks
After Day 3: A massive transformation of your social media profile, increased following, and impressive engagement!
Day 4. Branding VS Marketing
After Day 4: If you already have your business, you will get a clear idea on how to brand it and market it. If you’re just starting out, you will be given all the necessary info to succeed.
Day 5. Self-Worth = Net Worth
After Day 5: You will have a clear idea of your self-worth, so you can have the confidence to demand more (you’re totally worth it!). Get that raise, change your career, or start your own brand!
About NotBasicBlonde
Olyasha Novozhylova is the CEO and Founder of NotBasicBlonde brand, dedicated to inspiring young women to create an extraordinary style and embrace their individuality.

Model, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Author, AmazonLive Fashion Host, Fashion Editor, and Celebrity Podcast Host of NotBasicBlonde Podcast.

As the Founder and Host of NotBasicBlonde Podcast with over 4M downloads and celebrity guests, where no topic is off-limits, Olyasha provides millennials an ultimate guide on entrepreneurship, dating, marketing, self-development, astrology, spirituality, fashion, coaching, beauty, health & wellness.

Olyasha led an impressive 15-year career in fashion and runway in the US and overseas, as well as enjoying several acting roles.

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