How to Make Money Work for You
The first steps to a life where you don't have to work for money, where you can choose the lifestyle and activities you want to do, regardless of the regular salary or other active income you receive in exchange for your time.


  • Personal finance and fitness influencer with the audience of 70 000 people
  • SAICA Top 35 Under 35
  • Global Process Manager at Google
  • Founder of fitness apparel company “Slay with Kay”
  • CEO and Founder of Kay Wellness
  • Сo-founder of Unchartered Africa

What You Will Learn
Changing negative beliefs around money that stop you from getting more income
Myths around money that you need to ignore
Cultivating the discipline around money. How to not end up with an empty wallet before paying your bills
The 3 best ways to stay disciplined forever. Things that I learned from my money mindset that truly transformed the way I saved and invested my money

This Webinar Is for You If

  • You're tired of worrying about money
  • You're having trouble saving
  • You tend to impulsively spend your savings
  • You want to get out of debt
  • You want to stop counting days till salary every month
  • You want to be confident in your future
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May 31, 9 pm

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