Reveal 100+ figures in the Yoga business from your competitors to find your weak spots and get into 1% of the industry leaders

Online conference for founders of the yoga & fitness businesses
It's a place where instructors & yoga/fitness studio founders share their numbers:
revenue, profits, costs, LTV (lifetime value), ROMI (return on marketing investment), teachers' salaries, break-even time, pricing, and the best experience to promote yoga practices...
... so that after attending the conference ...
Yoga teachers & yoga/fitness studio founders & their management can:
  • Break through the glass ceiling, and increase the revenue and profits of a stable business by comparing the numbers of your yoga business with the numbers of others, finding the bottleneck in the business, and working on it

  • Stop the business downturn when the company seems to have run out of steam by gaining insights on how to effectively attract new students, sell at higher checks, and capture trends in the yoga & mindfulness business
Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to launch a yoga business can:
  • Start the yoga / fitness / mindfulness business without wasting time and money on reinventing the wheel by listening to failures-to-success stories of others and finding business partners

  • Decide whether to start the yoga business or do something else in another niche by finding all the ins and outs of the yoga studio & yoga teaching business without learning from your own mistakes and risking your own money

We are in the process of preparing for the event.

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Format of the conference
Our goal is to provide the best practical knowledge that can turn your passion into one of the yoga & fitness business leaders
5 hours of speakers + 3,5 hours of group activities
You don't just learn from others, you're actively working on your business in peer rooms.
We invite founders with outstanding yoga business experience
Some have excelled in marketing, some in service, and some in scaling their business. They are all current business owners with expertise in the yoga & fitness vertical.
We conduct interviews and reveal 100+ numbers in the yoga & fitness business
We record interviews in order to prepare the best content for you. You can be confident that you get a large number of benchmarks in the form of peer numbers.
1 hour: Reveal participants’ numbers room
Você poderá discutir e compartilhar números específicos de seu interesse: vendas, salários, LTV (Valor Vitalício) ou CAC (Custo de Aquisição do Cliente).
1 hour: Fail + Success stories room
This is a place where you listen to and share one failure and one successful business story. It can help you find new insights into what to focus on.
1 hour: Problem-solving mastermind room.
What's the most annoying problem in your yoga & fitness business? Let's attract some minds to solve it. Or maybe you're just going to launch a new business?
30 minutes: Summary + sharing room
You’ll write down your new ideas from the event, and plan the next to-dos. Then you’ll share it in the group and listen to others' insights.
Online + Records
You are invited to attend the online conference + you'll get interview records so that you can return to them at any time you like.
Paid participation – only interested players
Only the yoga business founders & managers attend the conference and get a huge benefit for their business. They are also motivated to participate in the activity rooms.
There is no choice to be in or out.

When do we become colleagues rather than competitors?
To understand why it is practical to share numbers within a small community, let's look at two options.

1. "We are colleagues, and we help each other". A group of yoga/fitness studio founders and instructors have agreed to be transparent about their numbers and processes and help each other. They solve their business problems faster, make marketing more efficient, get more students for their classes and gain more profits because they use the best techniques in the niche.

2. "We're competitors, we're on our own". Another large group of tens of thousands of other companies operates without any inside information from competitors. They don't make decisions as efficiently. They don't know the best yoga class promotion tactics and tend to miss trends. They wonder why their business isn't growing and their market share is shrinking. But we know why. Because the small group of yoga teachers & founders (see point 1) help each other and become niche leaders.

We are creating such a community of future leaders. Join us if you don't want to be in the group of competitors (see point 2).
What business topics are covered at the conference
Focused on figures and stories beyond them:
1. Starting the business
  • Initial investment
  • How to start step-by-step?
  • Getting first yoga class students
  • Creating the first studio
  • Breakeven time
2. Sales
  • Transaction cycle
  • Students' profiles
  • How to increase an average check?
  • How to sell subscription effectively?
  • How to build the sales department?
3. Marketing
  • Free and paid advertising channels
  • Return on marketing investment (ROMI)
  • SMM
  • Website
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Analytics
  • Outreach
4. Finance
  • Unit economics
  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Profits & losses
  • LTV
  • Most desirable & profitable classes
  • Pricing
5. Yoga classes
  • Why your students buy subscription to yoga & fitness classes?
  • How to organise retreats, online events and offline classes?
  • How to control the class quality?
  • How to attract best teachers?
6. Team & HR
  • How to recruit and train employees?
  • Salaries
  • Building a dream team
7. Management
  • KPIs
  • Delegation of operations
  • Software
  • Goals
  • Task tracking
8. Tax & Legal
  • Company registration
  • Taxes
  • Contracts
  • Issues
9. Competitors
  • Best practices
  • Leaders in the yoga & fitness business
  • How to become competitive in the market
  • Fitness & yoga classes know-hows
10. Pitfalls, mistakes and risks
  • The hardest things in the yoga business
  • Main mistakes
  • Industry risks (after Covid)
  • Failures and losses
11. Future, trends and plans
  • What opportunities exist on the yoga & event market
  • The main trends which will change the industry
  • Plans of your colleagues
12. Entrepreneurs’ fears
  • How to deal with the fears of failure, taking a risk, uncertainty and impostor syndrome?
  • How to minimise the risks?
  • How to stop planning and thinking and start doing?
  • How to launch your first class?

That’s what we do on the Reveal Numbers in Yoga & fitness business. Join us:

We are in the process of preparing for the event.

Sign up on the waiting list to get the best terms for the early birds.

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