Feeling Like Your Instagram Blog Isn’t Growing?

You keep creating engaging content, studying your statistics carefully, posting great photos but there is still no growth? Maybe it is time to surprise your followers by offering them something really special?

Always keep in mind why your followers trust you.

There is a good chance your fans might be tired of too many paid ads and would like to see more of you. In the end, isn’t this the main reason they started following you in the first place? Think about the reason they stay with you. Maybe it is because you are an expert in some specific field like beauty, fashion, or relationships? Or maybe your content makes them smile and feel good about themselves? Or is it your incredible personality that makes them want to become like you? In any case, you have to use it as your strength.

“But how will I earn money on that?” — you might ask.

Don’t think of paid ads as the only way to increase your income.

We bet now you earn money on your Instagram blog primarily thanks to the sponsored content. On one hand, it is a great way to go into business with well-known and emerging brands and get noticed by them. But on the other hand, there is a big risk your profile can quickly become so full of ads that it might scare off some of your fans. None of them want to see sponsored content on your page every single day, especially when it comes to products you might not even like yourself. Your followers always feel when you are open and straight with them. So if they suspect you would not buy some product for yourself they might lose trust in your opinion and unfollow you.

Is there another way I can earn as much money as I do publishing sponsored content?

Of course, there is! Take a look at successful foreign bloggers from the USA, Brazil, and Russia, which are considered some of the largest digital markets on Earth. Many of them already have a very limited number of paid ads (or none) and at the same time earn even more money than they used to.

“How do they manage to keep their fans engaged and maintain high income?” — could be your next question.

Here is a simple answer: they all created a successful e-learning course. Only in 2020, the global market of educational digital products has reached a value of 222 billion dollars and these numbers continue to grow each month.

Why should I consider creating my own digital e-learning product?

“I’m not a college professor. How could I teach people something?” — you are probably asking us now.

Well, you don’t have to be a professor of science to be able to create your own online course. In order to do that you just need to be eager to share your personal experience with your followers. They frequently ask you how you became famous on Instagram and would like to do the same? That’s already an idea! You can talk about your journey on social media and give some valuable advice to those who are dreaming of making it in the digital world.

Maybe you are an actor? In this case, you could teach people how not to be afraid of public speaking or how to feel confident in every situation.

You are a beauty expert? Help your followers to learn how to put makeup on, for instance.

In any case, without any doubt, you have some valuable knowledge to share with your fans. Remember that they trust you and would be more than happy to learn from you. They already value your experience and see in you something they might lack for the moment. So help them to get better with your help!

Where can I see some examples of successful Instagram e-learning programs?

So glad you asked! Here are just some of many examples you might easily find on Instagram:

@faceyogamethod Fumiko Takatsu is a world-famous face-building expert with over 500.000 followers on Instagram. She created a very successful face yoga method you can buy via her Instagram profile. Does she ever publish sponsored content? We can’t be sure but honestly have never seen it on her blog!

@kayla_itsines Kayla is a fitness trainer and co-founder of cardio and strength programs she sells on her Instagram page which is followed by more than 13 million people. Check her training courses yourself!

@linguamarina Marina Mogilko is a successful entrepreneur, YouTuber, Tik Tok star, investor, and mother. She created LinguaTrip — a booking platform for language courses. Over 100.000 have used this service which enables Marina to start new courses and expand her business each year.

@the_irbens The official Instagram page of the online English club that was created by an American teacher and his Russian wife for Russian students who want to start speaking English without too much effort. The project has more than 80.000 followers and brings its owners hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So you can see it’s not very important how many followers you get, more than a million or less than 100.000. If your product is appealing you can easily make good money on it.

In the next article, we will tell you how to get started and you’ll see that creating your own online course is much easier than you might think! Here is a spoiler: you can do it in just a month!

Stay posted!