A successful online courses producer Alexandra Dorofeeva shared insights on how to keep up with the e-learning trends in 2022.

Alexandra owns a full-cycle production company ‘My Produce’ that helps digital entrepreneurs increase their profits. She believes the e-learning market has great potential and that is why:

1.The global e-learning market has grown by 600% in the last 3 years and will continue to yield even faster. Companies of each kind are monetizing their business by selling digital information. This tendency is becoming global.

2. In terms of numbers, the e-learning market is highly profitable. Influencers with a live audience and good engagement rate can easily make $150,000–200,000 a year selling their online course.

3. Today the Russian e-learning market is growing much faster than the foreign one. Simply because many businesses abroad are still not aware of all the highly effective digital tools we already use daily. But it is about to change, and the trend is coming to other countries too.

4. It’s quite difficult to foresee the upcoming trends for this market, but some still can be predicted. For instance, one of the recent news is online education on Telegram. It’s safe to say that more chats will appear, people will be interested in more content and brand credibility will matter the most.

5️. More and more experts around the world start creating online courses. But the main problem they face is that people are not ready to buy them because they don’t feel these products resonate with them. Don’t make this mistake and always analyze your audience and their needs first. In this way, your course will easily find its buyers.

6. There are an endless number of topics you can build an online course around. But it’s important to give people exactly what they are looking for. Again, constant communication with your audience is key to success.

7️. Launching an online course doesn’t mean you lose other sources of income. They can easily coexist with e-learning products in the same blog without interfering with each other.