10 Easy Ways to Make Your Content Stand Out on IG

It’s no big surprise that people come back to your Instagram page if they find your content compelling and unique. But are you sure you already use all the best ways to communicate with your fans?

As we all know, there is always room for growth and we don’t want you to miss a chance to bring the conversation with your followers to a whole new level. So here is our list of the most engaging content types you might miss out on.

1) Me, myself, and I. Are you afraid that you talk a little bit too much about yourself on your IG blog? Well, that depends…If you only show just one side of your personality (for example, your great looks) it might not give your fans the whole picture of who you are. Don’t be afraid to share your fears, failures, and doubts. You are a human being and the people on the other side of your phone screen would be happy to support you and to relate themselves to your experience.

2) Selling a product or a service through your IG page? Well, in this case, show your followers the inside process: how you came up with the idea, how many people work on it, how many times you had to change your strategy/product/service to give your followers the best treatment, and so on. It’s always great to know what happens behind the curtains and how much effort you put into what you do. It’s inspiring, so don’t underestimate your work!

3) Get nostalgic! We all want to see what the people we know were like before we met them, be it in real or virtual life. Don’t feel ashamed sharing some funny photos from your childhood or a crazy hairstyle you had while you were a teenager. Tell your followers about your first dog or what a great cook your grandma was. Let your fans share the most cherished moments with you. They’ll appreciate it!

4) Ask for help. Do you have some big event coming up? Ask your followers what dress you should wear. Going to visit a new country? Ask for travel tips. Not sure what to buy for your mom’s birthday? Your fans definitely could give you some great ideas for the present. Use the full potential of your blog!

5) Have a hobby? Don’t be shy! Do you like to sing when you are alone? Or maybe you like embroidering or gardening? In any case, this could be the perfect moment to share your passions with your audience. Your honesty and courage will inspire others to step out of their comfort zone!

6) Do you have a social cause you care about? Talk to your fans about it. You have a great power and with some help, you could change the things around you for the better. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!

7) Be thankful! Do you remember to thank your followers for their trust, support, and loyalty? If yes, you are already doing a terrific job acknowledging their contribution to your success. If not, maybe this could be the right time to start. You’ll be surprised how much higher your engagement rate could go when your audience feels appreciated.

8) Become a Santa. Let’s imagine you’ve received hundreds of DMs complimenting your new lipstick. Why not give your audience a few simple rules to follow, choose 2 or 3 fans, and then send the winners the product that they loved so much? This simple gesture can greately increase engagement on your page. You could also easily partner up with a brand you like and ask them for barter, so you won’t be spending your own money on gifts. The important thing is to choose a present your audience would really enjoy. You’d be surprised to know how many bloggers forget about it while running giveaways.

9) We all know that the most-followed accounts often show much lower engagement rates compared to smaller ones where the audience feels more valued. Some influencers have already found a solution: they invited the most active and trustful followers to join a second social platform where they post more personal content, their thoughts, and ideas. If you too are trying to develop a solid dialogue with your fans you could invite them to your Telegram channel, for instance. In this way, they will again feel special and you shouldn’t worry about losing any more of your audience. It’s a win-win!

10) Create a weekly special section on your IG blog. For example, you could talk in your stories about the greatest and the most annoying thing that happened to you last week, and then ask your followers to share theirs. Or it could be the photo of the cutest dog you’ve recently seen. Almost anything can work out perfectly! You’ll see how your followers start engaging by sending you pics and actively participating in the comments.