We Help Influencers Launch Their Own Online Courses and Build Passive Income

  • Our top-notch marketing strategies proved effective for influencers with 1M to 15M followers.
  • No need to feel like an expert. Just share what you do best. 90% of the work is on us.
  • No advance payment — we make money together.
Our Offer Is Aimed at You If You Have:
You create inspiring content and you are popular on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube.
Popular Account
Engaged and Loyal Audience
You have 50K+ followers who are interested in you and enjoy your content.
Your Brand
You already have a brand of clothing, cosmetics, or something else.
You only sell advertising or you do not have much experience in monetizing your blog yet.
Why Create Something New?
Let's look at how influencers usually make money
and what shortcomings there might be:
You sell advertising on your blog but it is not resonating with you and/or your followers. Because of these ads, some of them usually unsubscribe.
Your revenue is directly proportional to the number of ads you sell. You do not have a passive income.
No Passive Income
Creating a brand of clothes or cosmetics is very time-consuming. You have to invest a lot and it still may not be that engaging for your audience.
Your Own Brand
We Know What to Do
Several years ago influencers in our country did not know anything about online courses. They usually made money using standard methods. And nobody ever thought they could start their online schools.
However, right now almost every influencer here has an online course and it benefits them a lot! They make several times more money than they used to and have a stable passive income as well.
The annual revenue for an influencer
with 1M subscribers after creating
their online school is on average
$1,000,000 per year.

Leave your contact info and we will send you 3 best online course ideas

based on your Instagram profile analysis.

Online School Is a Trending Market
It is a well-known fact that the e-learning market is growing exponentially these days providing a lot of opportunities for content creators. Only in 2020, the field of educational digital products reached a value of $222 billion on a global scale. This means now is the best time to capture the market and start making 5-10 times more money.
USD 171
CAGR 10.85%
E-Learning Market Size
Benefits of Creating
an Online School
You can teach people what you do best
Educate & Improve the Lives of
Your Fans
People appreciate when you do something valuable for them.
Build a Great Reputation
An online school can be a part of your personality and tell people who you are.
Be Unique
Online education is a promising market. You can become one of the first owners of a big online school in your country.
New Followers
As you create unique content and teach your fans something new, more and more people get interested in you. The number of your followers increases.
Passive Income
You have your online school which is promoted annually with our help and this means it brings regular revenue.
HYLS Can Help You Start It

Our team has advanced technologies and all the necessary tools to create and promote an online school. We have extensive experience in working with most followed influencers. And we are here to offer you an equal and mutually beneficial partnership!

Liasan Utiasheva
News Personality
Followers: 4,9M
Followers: 14,9M
Pavel Volya
Followers: 3,4M
Fitness Trainer
Kate Usmanova

Above are some accounts members of our team have worked with. As you can see, these people have created projects on specific topics (fitness, comedy, show business). Our producers helped successfully launch and promote these courses and they are still widely popular.

About HYLS

We are an international company specializing in production technologies and education. Our platform HYLS offers the most popular courses on yoga and lifestyle in Eastern Europe. In 3 years we have attracted more than 100,000 students. We have great experience in online learning, marketing, and promotion, and we can start an online school on any topic

within a month.

HYLS Overseas
In 2021 we opened a new international branch — HYLS Overseas. We help popular Instagram influencers and YouTubers all over the world start their online school. They do not need much time or any expert knowledge as we can take care of the whole process. Such schools can easily generate $100,000 per month.
Previous Experience

We are here to show you how profitable online school business

can be in your country!

10 years ago nobody knew about online courses in Eastern Europe. Whereas now it is one of the most profitable and competitive markets. In order to promote an online course, a variety of advanced marketing techniques is used (e.g. warm-ups, chatbots, webinars, and other components of a multistage marketing system). It is the biggest trend right now! The prices of such courses vary from $100 to $10,000 depending on their length and value.
In Eastern Europe
The online learning market is not that much developed and popular in Western Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America. Even North American influencers are not fully aware of all the techniques and advanced techniques for this business area. The average price for an online course there is $20-$100, whereas here it is $300-500.
In the International Market
HYLS Overseas Team
We use our expert knowledge and experience
to make every online project successful!
Maxim Pogulyaev
Founder & CEO of HYLS – an online platform that offers the most popular yoga courses in Eastern Europe with over 100k students.

Founder of POGUMAX (projection technologies).
Bulat Valeev
Producer of top bloggers
Worked in GetCourse the most popular online school platform in Eastern Europe.

Worked with bloggers with million+ subscribers:
Pavel Volya, Lyasan Utyasheva, Ekaterina Usmanova
Our Advantages



We have mastered various marketing tools to promote online courses effectively.



Our team are specialists in web production for popular influencers.

Online Learning


We have all the necessary experience to start an online school within 1 month.
Let's Build a Successful Business

We offer you to create an online school together

on a 50/50% net profit-sharing model.

* The percentage may vary depending on the people involved from the side of an influencer. We also believe everything can be discussed.

What We Do
  • Organize everything from scratch.
  • Help in the production of the program and content of online school.
  • Promote and build conversational autofunnels.
  • Attract and support customers.
  • Take care of all the technical issues.
  • Organize the processes of receiving money, supporting mentors, and making sales through messengers.
What You Do
  • Choose the topic and plan the program with our help.
  • Tell your followers about your online school and create selling ads with our help.
  • Create the course with our help.
Choose the Topic You Like
SMM manager, story maker, website developer, blogger manager, etc.
Online Professions:
Business and Finance:
How to create your own business, investments, financial literacy, etc.
Health and Beauty:
Nutrition, makeup, weight loss, beautiful figure, manicure, etc.
Photography, videography, blogging, cooking, travelling, etc.
Finding yourself, dealing with fears, achieving goals, etc.

Let's determine your strengths and plan your online school now! Book a call with us and get a professional statistical analysis of your account for free.

Your Role in the Online School
We create an online school on a topic in which you are an expert. We will attract the best methodologists and designers to the team who will help you create the best training program.
1. You are the course expert
2. You are the face of the course
We study the needs of your audience as well as your strengths and preferences. We then agree on the topic and find an expert in it. The expert creates the course while you can just share its values to your audience and help in promotion.
Our Role in the Online School
Here is an example of a learning dashboard in one of our projects – "personal productivity".
We build the whole process of teaching so the students are satisfied with everything

Benefits for You as an Influencer
Why is it more profitable to create online courses with us?
We constantly promote your course throughout the year on social media to a broad audience. We also invest money into advertising.
We use our unique marketing techniques which are not yet widely spread in other countries. It helps us generate more income.
Growing Popularity
As we promote your course to a cold audience, new people get interested in your account. As a result, you get more quality followers.
Growing Passive Income
Thanks to our unique methods,
the flow of clients is constant
and your passive income
always grows.
No Time for a New Project?
Not a Problem!
We know most influencers have to manage multiple tasks on a daily basis. But think of the following:
We will take care of everything
We will help you with all the work. There will be 90% of our involvement and 10% of yours. We can even help you plan and prepare effective IG stories and posts.
It's time to start now
The earlier you start your own online school – the more profit and market share you get in the future. This income can save up a lot of your time as you won't be participating in questionable advertising projects.
Your income will grow
Not having your own online school means you potentially lose $2740 every day ($1m a year).
You can become the owner of a profitable online school within 1 month!
How to Start?
We launch an online school and start promoting it worldwide.
In 1 month
We settle on the topic and prepare a step-by-step plan while you start warming up your audience.
In 2 weeks
We arrange an introductory call to get to know each other and work out the details.
Does it take much time to create an online course?
The overall process takes approximately one month from our first meeting to the launch of the course. We will need you to participate in a weekly call to keep track of the work done. You will also take over the content creation for the course but we will help you with its plan and structure. In general, there is 90% of our involvement and 10% of yours.
What if I already have my courses?
You might have already created a course before. We can help you promote and sell it to a larger audience using our unique marketing techniques. This can also enable you to set a higher price.
However, it will be even better if we create a brand-new course together. This way we will be able to attract a larger audience even before the launch date. We will come up with promising course ideas that can be highly intriguing not only for your audience but also for thousands of new people.
How can it affect my already existing products?
Your online course can be a great addition to any of your existing products. It will enable you to be unique, share your values and principles with your audience, and gain even more trust and recognition.
How can I make sure my course will sell?
We fully analyze your audience through a set of marketing tools in order to find out what are the main challenges your followers deal with in life. Then we conduct a small survey among your fans to make sure the information is accurate.
Once we have the theme and the structure of the course, we will run another test which will allow us to see if there is a real interest in the product. Only then we can get started. As we invest our expertise and money in the production we, just as like you do, need to be sure this effort will pay out.
Do I need a special team to create a course?
No, you don’t. Our team will take care of the production and marketing while you can just plan the course and create its content with our assistance if needed.
How do I come up with an idea for my course?
We will help you with it! We will analyze your profile as well as your audience. We will find out your strengths and their needs. Based on this thorough analysis we will come up with the best idea for your online course that suits both you and your audience.
Can I launch my own course if I'm not an educator?
You don’t have to be a professional educator to teach your audience something you are best at. What you can also do is share your story, tips, advice, and other valuable information. And we will structure this material and turn it into a great educational product.
Do I need to invest money in course creation?
There is no such need. You can just devote some of your time to the process of content creation for the course. As you are already a pro in it, it will not require many of your resources.
Do you pay a fixed fee?
As this is not a usual collaboration/advertising campaign but a partnership offer, there is no down payment from our side. However, we do not launch the course unless we are 100% sure it is going to be profitable. We are also ready to invest in the course creation and marketing. Finally, from our previous experience we saw that a stable passive income which the course can bring you is usually much higher than a one-time payment.
Let's Get to Know Each Other!
You can leave your contact info and any comments below, and we will get in touch with you.

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